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– musicologist –


Born in Romania, Vatra Dornei (District Suceava) in May 10, 1959 she studied at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca (1980-1984), where she actived his Diploma in Musicology, Pedagogy an Piano (1984). She receiver his Doctor in Musicology degree in 1996 at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy. Work Experience: musicologist, teacher, journalist.

She has been Professor of music, piano and choir at the School of Music in Zalău (1984-1990), researcher at the Institut of Folklore "Constantin Brăiloiu" in Bucharest (1990-1999), professor of music and folklore at the University "Aurel Vlaicu" in Arad (1999-2006), editor at the Natura Press Society (2008), musicologist at the Cultural Center Bucovina (CCB). She is member of the Society of Romanian Composers and Musicologysts (since 1996). Contributes to studies of musicology, ethnomusicology and byzantinology at several publications. Contributes to musical critical articles in Romanian and German and to the programmes of Radio Romania Cultural in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest. Honors: Preize of Romanian Academy (2001). sus

List of Works

From the books she wrote, we make a selection: Toaca summon. Roumanian Repertory. Monography, musical typology and musical anthology, Bucharest, Editura Academiei Române, 1999; Segments from the chronology of a development, two volumes, Bucharest, Editura Muzicală, 2004, 2005; Church Chants in style of Bishop Ioan I. Pap from Arad, Bucharest, Editura Arefeană, 2003; Church Chants from Region Arad, Arad, Univesrsity Aurel Vlaicu: Book of Liturgy/2000, Book of Vespers/2001, Book of Liturgy and Book of Vespers - II Edition end Book of Orthros, 2006; Anastasimatarion from Arad, București, 2006; Studies and materialien in musicology, Bucharest, 2006; Folk-music for marriage, București, 2009; Unity and variety in Roumanian music of Byzantine Tradition. The Regional Styles, Bucharest, 2009; The bells of Bukowina, DVD, Suceava, Centrul pentru Conservarea si promovarea Culturii Traditionale, 2010; Sigismund Toduță and the liturgical style of Blaj, Cluj-Napoca, Fundația “S. Toduță” – Editura Arpeggione, 2011; Byzantine sources in enescian metamorphoses, Editura Musatinii, Suceava, 2011; Contributions in highlighting the traditional musical heritage of Banat and Transilvania, Editura Muzicală, București, 2011; Christmas Carols from Dorna Area, CCPCT-SV, Suceava, 2011 sus